Volunteer Exchange

TASC Connect! Flyer with orientation schedule (4/2016)

Yonkers TASC Connect! Resource Center Schedule (4/2016)

Port Chester TASC Connect Resource Center Schedule (4/2016)

NYSED - Keep up with the latest TASC information including FAQs, forms, brochures, test dates and centers, and news.

TASC PRACTICE TESTS AND ANSWER KEYS - Note: “Sample Test Items” links do not work, but all other links on the page are operational. They include “Printable Items in English”, “Printable Items in Spanish”, and “About the Subjects”.

TASC VIDEOS – Short videos that will help you understand what is on the TASC.

ABBREVIATED TABE TESTS FROM FLORIDA (thanks to Julio Montero). Answers are included on last page.

GED Math and Writing Practice Tests (Answer sheets included.)

Guide for Tutoring Math – tips and tools for assessing and instruction students at different skill levels.

WorsheetWorks.com - create and print worksheets on a variety of topics. Lots of useful math options plus some vocabulary and geography stuff.


I just found what I think is a treasure box of resources to use with students. The treasures are small .pdf files that correspond to the GED Connections videos on PBS stations. Each file addresses a specific topic relating to each of the 5 tests. For example, there is a section on Geography for the Social Studies Test.

Look for yourselves at http://www.secctv.org/ged-workbooks.html

So here’s the $50 question: how do we best use these resources?


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  1. ann marie c says:

    Does any one know exactly what topics are covered in the math section where the student can use a calculator and what is in the section were the student can’t? I am a little confuzzled.

  2. debra r says:

    The workbooks look good. The only problem I see with them is that you can’t answer directly on the page. They would work best if they were printed out so students could see the questions with the answers vs writing the answers on a paper and checking them, without having the entire question to refer back to.

  3. Elena says:

    Welcome Elizabeth, Alice, and Brenda! We’re wikifying at the GED Tutor training!

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