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Resources mentioned during the April 10 “Tea with Nancy Silberkleit”

More to explore:

Items mentioned by participants on 4/10:

Summer Reading 2019

The Quick Facts are now posted to the Summer Reading page. All those who participated in the Summer Reading survey should have received a pdf of their responses. If you did not, please contact

September 28, Youth Services Meeting

Early Learning Spaces

Renee McGrath, Manager of Youth Services for the Nassau Library System, gave an excellent program on the importance of creating inviting and engaging learning spaces in our libraries for our youngest readers!

Check out the power-point and handouts from the meeting:

A great blog recommended by Renee McGrath to use for design inspiration!: Pop Goes the Blog

2018 YS Event Calendar

See what’s planned for 2018! View the list of events here.

See the WLS Evanced calendar for scheduled meetings.

Sessions start at 9:00 and run until 11:30 or 12.  Meetings are held at WLS unless indicated otherwise.  View the Evanced entry for confirmed times , new additions to the calendar, and to register for each event.

January 16, 2017: Youth Services Meeting

Escape Rooms

There was a flurry of interest in escape rooms.  Here’s a cut and paste of what was shared.

Brian Mayer is an expert on this, and based out of Genesee Valley School Library System.  He runs fantastic workshops on escape rooms, which involve participants taking part in an escape room while learning how to create them, connect them to educational standards, etc.

 And one run by teens at the Scarsdale Teen Center: