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September 28, Youth Services Meeting

Early Learning Spaces

Renee McGrath, Manager of Youth Services for the Nassau Library System, gave an excellent program on the importance of creating inviting and engaging learning spaces in our libraries for our youngest readers!

Check out the power-point and handouts from the meeting:

A great blog recommended by Renee McGrath to use for design inspiration!: Pop Goes the Blog

February 14, 2017: Youth Services Meeting

“Appy Hour”

(Conducted by Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella – (KAT)

We talked about personal and professional favorite applications, websites, online games and FB pages. Some are free, some are not.


  • Face Tune (3.99); a fun and easy to use portrait and photo editor app. Nip here, tuck there, backgrounds and more.
  • Instasize (Free); Instagram photo editing. Frames, stickers and more…
  • Optimum Support App: From this app you can refresh your modem/router,control your thermostat and more.


  • talked about WLS purchasing this…or a few libraries going in on it together.) Breakout EDU is the immersive learning games platform. The Breakout EDU kit allows for the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. Games are available for all ages and content areas.
  •  A great resource for all things TEEN. Through SLJ
  • Jeopardy RocksWe played this! So much fun! Very user friendly.Make engaging educational quiz game board templates for school or class projects. Choose from four vegetable themed characters and help your students learn.

Web pages for Games and Apps:

Facebook Pages:

  • ALA Think Tank: (Not the real ALA. “Awesome Librarians Always”. I enjoy this page. For librarians, (prison, children’s, YA, Academic, entertainment industry…) people who work in libraries or people who like libraries. People share projects freely. Lots of good information on many topics. Sometimes people get snarky, but I enjoy it.
  • Storytime Underground: Story time ideas.
  • Both of these Facebook pages will lead you to others of interest, if you are so inclined.


March 21, 2017: Youth Services Meeting

 Animation Basics!

(Conducted by Austin Olney)

2D Cartoon Animation Apps:

CGI and Simulation Apps: