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Notes from the April 6th YS summer reading call:

Two weeks ago quite a few Youth Services librarians from around the county joined in on a Zoom meeting to discuss READsquared and plans for summer reading.  Some great points were addressed, and while it seems that most libraries have not made the full dive into planning out summer reading, quite a few of you have been using this time to get a jump on acquainting yourselves with READsquared.  This time has challenged us to be creative with online resources and programming, and the monthly call will hopefully serve as a way to foster a collaborative mindset as we move forward with our services.

  • Many of our libraries have been getting creative with their online programming:
    • Cooking clubs, knitting groups, book groups, film clubs, and more have all transitioned to meeting online through video conferencing. Many of these programs leverage the online services available to library patrons, such as Kanopy.
    • Meditation, yoga, and social groups are helping patrons stay active (and sane!) while confined to their homes.
    • You’ve probably already heard of all the online storytimes and live performances libraries have been using to keep patrons engaged.
  • READsquared is available for free to all public libraries in New York State, but access to the app involves a one-time charge of $100.
  • The general consensus was that most libraries had not started planning for all-online summer reading programs, especially with the uncertainty about re-opening dates and how programming will work in the coming months.
    • Some early efforts were understandably overshadowed by all the other turbulence surrounding school closures.
  • There were a few questions about how to set up the 1,000 books program, and how to make changes to one age group without those changes taking effect across the board.
  • A few attendees had struggled with juggling a single READsquared account between multiple staff.
    • It was brought to our attention that the Admin panel of READsquared allows for the addition of other users who can still edit programs and incentives.
  • The Rye Free Reading Room had made use of READsquared’s “missions” feature this past winter, creating a customized series of themed tasks that participants could complete.
    • While there was a lot of work and creativity involved, the benefits of missions include a much more personalized experience than typical achievement badges and the ability to create missions for STEM activities and other art challenges in addition to reading.

Resources mentioned during the April 10 “Tea with Nancy Silberkleit”

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Items mentioned by participants on 4/10:

Summer Reading 2019

The Quick Facts are now posted to the Summer Reading page. All those who participated in the Summer Reading survey should have received a pdf of their responses. If you did not, please contact

September 28, Youth Services Meeting

Early Learning Spaces

Renee McGrath, Manager of Youth Services for the Nassau Library System, gave an excellent program on the importance of creating inviting and engaging learning spaces in our libraries for our youngest readers!

Check out the power-point and handouts from the meeting:

A great blog recommended by Renee McGrath to use for design inspiration!: Pop Goes the Blog

2018 YS Event Calendar

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