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Sept. 17th YS Meeting Minutes

Youth Services Meeting 9/17/13

(Below are the notes from the Youth Services Meeting. Please feel free to make corrections if needed.)

Anne Quick hosted the Youth Services meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at WLS to discuss summer programs and to highlight 4 specific programs done at libraries this summer

Summer Highlights from various libraries:

1. Zahra from the Yonkers library explained her intergenerational program called Word Wednesdays. The idea was to get seniors/adults to play word games with kids. It was funded by a rotary grant. Board games and games with apps for the ipad, kindle, nook etc were used. Different stations were placed all over the room with the idea that everyone would rotate from station to station. To look at photos from this program, go to, click on the flickr button, and click on Word Wednesdays

2. Carolyn from Irvington shared her Wacky Wednesday programs where ages 5 to 10 played bingo, painted a painter’s hat and other fun and wacky ideas.

3. Tricia from Ossining used the outside area at their parking lot and read stories, sang songs and had the children color/free play on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.

4. Rebecca from Larchmont discussed her successful CSI program which she did in collaboration with the Larchmont police. Children ages 8 and up tried to solve the crime of the theft of a rubber duck. It was an inside job. Children got to dust for fingerprints. Next time they do it, they want to take mug shots for the children. In the fall, they will be doing STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

5. Cathleen from North Salem had a sleepover at her library despite the fact there was no water in the building. They used their creativity and had on hand Purell, buckets of water and pitchers of water for children to brush their teeth. They have an inventor’s club and will continue with their STEAM programs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics)

6. The Will Library had 78 programs with 3,300 children. They had pirate/princess, cowboys/cowgirls, decoupage, and Diary of a Worm/sweet treat programs. They also held a luau with a limbo and hula hoop contest. They used Jim McClanahan the magician and Frannie the clown.

7. Amy from Briarcliff had a Halloween in July program where she read stories and did a Halloween craft. Children wore their Halloween costumes and trick or treated at the circ desk, reference desk and at the Director’s office. She also spoke of the Family Nights that she has held for the past 3 years. This years paralleled the theme of Dig Into Reading. There was cave paintings, wooly mammoth tusk game, Natives American games, chocolate chip cookie excavation and the children made hieroglyphics. 25 families attended. The program is done when the library is closed as to utilize difference spaces/sections in the library. In previous years, each room was a different country and last year was constellations. When children sign in they get some sort of passport or holder and receive stickers or stamps for each section they visit.

8. Elise from Montrose spoke about an inflatable screen that was blown up at the library and where they showed the movie and had watermelon. They also did crafts with Joan Lloyd who makes beads, earrings for a woman’s shelter. They also did bottlecap jewelry (necklaces, keychains, bookmarks) with Sharon Kohlberg. Anne Beir did decoupage. Lavinna Wiggins from Peekskill made mobiles of jewelry and paper.

9. Andrew from Greenberg had a Brazilian martial arts group called CBO Capuate (is this name correct) Yow from Yonkers (did I spell that right) recommended Josie’s School of Dance. Irvingtonn also had them. They are reasonable and nice.

10. Shodie from Bedford had families make Terrariums. They purchased large jars and had a nature person come. They provided supplies and invited families to bring items for their terrariums. Each family did 1 (although a few were able to do 2) They also had a field trip to a neighboring farm. They had signups and everyone met there.

Featured Librarians (All of their handouts will be going on the Wiki)

1. Jamie from Somers—Magic the Gathering
· An easy club to do, on Thursdays from 3 to 5. To get started she bought 2 decks of Magic cards from Barnes and Noble. 14 kids signed up and she would recommend that they be middle/high school students. Jamie highly suggests watching the video links to learn how to play. This fall she is hoping to do a tournament.

2. Andrew from Greenburgh—Teen Auto Repair
· A 1 hour program that easily went into 2 hours. The mechanic (please get his information from Andrew)was great and he didn’t try to sell anything. He took his time and explained belts, hoses etc. 15 teens were signed up. They are going to try and do this program for adults and perhaps for girls only. He is also capable of doing a presentation in a room. Andrew is going to email everyone the information.

3. Shodie from Bedford –Dog Show
· Had a dog show on their village green. Had signups, limited to 12 dogs, dogs needed a license, had to be on leashes, children had to have a parent with the. Carpet squares were setup in a circle for the dogs and children. A local trainer came and went around to each dog and observed them to determine who would get what prize (for example, fluffiest, best dressed etc) Awards/certificates were given out to each dog. You definitely need a trainer or someone with good dog experience-perhaps someone from your local dog park to serve as your host. They gave out doggy bags at the end to the dogs. The program took about 1 hour. Staff went around and took a photo of each dog with their family.

4. Carolyn from Irvington—Stuffed Animal Sleepover
· Signed up 17-19 kids and had 5 volunteers. Carolyn had her own stuffed animal to show the children. Her stuffed animal slept over with the others. They made a craft—a foam photo frame that the kids took home. She emphasized that you need to make sure you take enough pictures of all the stuffed animals and to keep track of who you are taking pictures of. Her handout was great and had lots of specific details.

· A survey on the mock awards was emailed to everyone, please fill it out
· Legoland—They came to Yonkers and had a master builder make a creation near the circ desk. 350 people came. However the children were disappointed that they had no type of lego kit to take home. Montrose is having a 75th anniversary celebration and they are using Legoland to make a creation and will use this as a fundraiser. Also on October 27th Montrose they will be having a wine pairing fundraiser.
· Some librarians read stories in the park or even at town pools

Next Children’s Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 15th. Please use this link to signup

Minutes taken by Tee Cotter (Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library)