2013 WLA/WLS Performer’s Showcase – performers

Complete information on the performers in attendance can be found here: Performers Showcase Contact Sheet (please note that if printing, you have to use LEGAL sized paper)

Performers Listed on the Showcase Contact Sheet

  • Jim Ryan Talks
  • H.E.A.R.T. Pet Programs
  • Najuma the Storyteller (Toni Brown)
  • Crochet and Knit with Miriam (Miriam Norman)
  • Strawtown Studio
  • Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson
  • Boy Scouts of America, Westchester-Putnam Council
  • Belle’s Dance Networks (Belle Ritter)
  • Quincy Design (Quincy Egginton Ed. D.)
  • Adventures with Cosmic Carol (Lawrence Pitonza)
  • Origami and Action Models (Larry Davis)
  • Up in Arms (David Manley)
  • Barbara Dee, Author and Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival Board of Directors member
  • Laura Doherty
  • Sciencetellers (Andrew Piccirillo)
  • Uncle Eye and Julia (Ira Levin and Julia Bordenaro Levin)
  • Steffi Nossen School of Dance
  • Franee the Clown (Theresa Francois)
  • Josie’s International School of Dance

Pricing notes for some of those who performed

  • Laura Doherty: $350, 45-60 minute program. Block booking, it’s about $250-$275 per program
  • Sciencetellers: $350-$400. Block booking – $325 each for 2 shows in a day, $300 each for 3 shows in a day. Can do teen programs too.
  • Uncle Eye and Julia: $350, 45-50 minute program. Block booking – $300 each for 2 shows in a day, $250 each for 3 shows in a day.
  • Steffi Nossen School of Dance: $100/hr teaching. $150 for a 45-60 minute performance.
  • Franee the Clown: Average program is 45-60 minutes, $250. Special Ed teacher before becoming a clown so she is great with special needs kids.

I have flyers for the following performers who were not in attendance. I am hoping to be able to scan them, and flyers from performers who did come, so I can add all of the flyers to this post.

  • Traveling Lantern Theatre Company
  • James Durst
  • Animal Embassy
  • Tom Sieling
  • ArtsWestchester

For more information on these and other performers, check out the Statewide New York State Performers and Programs Database at http://www.performersandprograms.com

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