The Templeton Twins by Ellis Weiner

We are familiar with the unreliable narrator. This narrator is reliable but a pain to read. Like Lemony Snickett, his snide asides get equal time with the story in the book. He likes to wink, wink at his readers and ends each chapter with silly questions and answers. All of this nonsense can be ignored if the story was compelling. It’s not. A pair of twins, a boy and a girl, their dog, and their absent-minded professor father move to a new college town. There, a former student of the professor tries to force the professor to share his new invention. When the threats fail, the student kidnaps the children. Not surprisingly, the children are smarter than the kidnapper and all ends well. Suggest this book to children who like their stories with camp.

Reviewer: Lillian Hecker (PEL)
J Fiction

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