Summer Reading

2019 Collaborative Summer Library Program Catalog: A Universe of Stories

Encourage readers of all ages with themed incentives & decor. The 2019 Collaborative Summer Program Catalog has everything you’ll need to have a “Stellar Summer Program” for the new year!”

Click here to view the scanned copy.

Summer Reading Quick Facts

Summer Reading at New York Libraries “Explore New York” & “Libraries Rock!” Reading Lists and Bookmarks (5/24/28)

The 2018 “Explore New York” and “Libraries Rock!” recreational reading lists and bookmarks for children and teens are now available for download and printing at:

The recreational reading lists are librarian-selected titles designed to celebrate the history, culture, diversity and fascinating story and history of New York State.

Summer Reading Slogans from the FuTuRe!

Oh wow! Information from the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) annual meeting April 9-12, where the state reps voted on the summer library program slogans for 2020-2022. Slogans are as follows:


  • Theme: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Mythology
  • Slogan: Imagine Your Story


  • Theme: Animals
  • Slogan: Tails and Tales


  • Theme: Change the World
  • Slogan: All Together Now​

Summer Meals at Yonkers Will Library

Want to know about offering Summer Meals concurrent with your Summer Reading Program? Click here.

CSLP 2018 Online Summer Reading Manual

**IMPORTANT** The CSLP Manual is now paperless!

The 2018 CSLP Libraries Rock! Program on-line manual is ready for download.  … New this year: the on-line manual is also searchable by categories.  Steps to accessing the manual are listed below.

NOTE: For those of you that DID NOT make a code, you have the option of either requesting ONE code and sharing it with your staff, or you may make an individual one. This is up to you to decide what best fits the needs of your department.

Go to:

  1. Log into to the CSLP website.  If you do not have a login, please create an account by registering on the site.
  2.  Once you are logged into the website, go to Proprietary Downloads (on the top menu) or if your display has three little horizontal lines, click on those.
  3. One time only, you will obtain the on-line manual code for your building.  Click on OBTAIN 2018 ON-LINE MANUAL CODE.
  4. Select your state.
  5. Complete the request form with your first and last name, e-mail address and library name.
  6. SUBMIT the form.
  7. From this point forward, you will go to Proprietary Downloads, click on On-Line Manual Access.  From here you will see all four manuals, artwork, slogans, and reproducibles.

If you lose your manual code, please contact CSLP at 1-866-657-8556 or 1-833-225-8661.

–> NEW! View the video to show you helpful tips on how to download and print the manual, extract specific images and search by topic or section!

LIBRARIES ROCK! 2018 Summer Reading Catalog

PDF of the CSLP’s 2018 “Libraries Rock!” Catalog is available here.

Summer Reading Resources

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