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This page is for the Coaches of the Battle. Updated 5/11/2020

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What is WLS Battle of the Books?

WLS Battle of the Books is a book-based trivia tournament for children and teens entering Grades 4 – 12. Teams are sponsored by public libraries in Westchester County.

What does a Team Coach do? The goal of the program is to promote a love of reading in kids and teens, to expose them to titles and authors that they might not encounter otherwise, to encourage them to think of their local public library as a resource for entertainment and to inspire teamwork and good sportsmanship in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Manage your library’s BOB team(s) by: recruiting team members, having team members read BOB selected books, running BOB book-based trivia practice sessions with buzzer systems (borrowed from WLS). Team coaches are also encouraged to help on sub-committees, suggest books for BOB, and read and submit questions for the BOB event.

Where and when is the 7th Annual Westchester Library System Battle of the Books? After reaching a decision as a board, we have decided to postpone the event until October 2021.

How many kids can be on my team? You must have 3 – 5 participants in each Battle match. Overall team size is suggested to be capped at 15.

Who can watch the Battle matches? The 2020 Fire Code allows 16 people associated with each team, including all coaches, in the match room. (If your team makes the Final Battle, more can watch; this limit applies to regular Matches, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals.) Refer to the OFFICIAL BOB RULES 2020 for more info.

Do I need to provide volunteers for the event? It is essential to the running of the event that we have a robust army of volunteers, and that most of these volunteers be non-parents. Participating libraries are expected to supply 3 volunteers per division they are entered in.

Each team is expected to provide three volunteers, including one non-parent. Available here are materials that you can use to recruit volunteers. Email bob.volunteers.westchester@gmail.com with any questions about Volunteers, including if you need the Publisher file of the flyer in order to make changes. (PUB files cannot be posted on this Wiki).

If you’re struggling to find volunteers, please reach out to the Volunteers Committee at the above email for help.

Volunteer Marketing Materials (Find Your Volunteers Early and Often!)

2019 WLS BoB Volunteers Flyer in PDF Format

Template of blurb to include in your library newsletters

Email blurb to send to organizations, library schools, listservs, etc. (DOC)

Grades 4 – 7 2020 Books:

  • New Kid by Jerry Craft
  • The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • Bob by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead
  • The Next Great Paulie Fink by Ali Benjamin

Grades 6 –  12 2020 Books:

  • Nyxia by Scott Reintgen
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  • Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson
  • The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti
  • Akata Witch by Nnendi Okorafor

Participating Libraries & Coaches for 2020 


Minutes from Previous Meetings:

March 22, 2019: Full Committee followed by Board

May 17th, 2019 Board

June 14th, 2019 Full Committee

June 14th, 2019 Board

September 13, 2019 Board

October 4, 2019 Full Committee followed by Board

2019 Rules, Forms, & Sample Questions:

(2020 To be Updated)

All participants must have these two pieces of paper in order to participate, for legal / liability reasons! They are due one month before the Battle (9/19/19).

2020 Board:

  • Liz Anastasi (GRE)
  • Pat Brigham (WLS)
  • Kathlyn Carroll (WHI)
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald (HAR)
  • Jonathan Heifetz (EAS)
  • Amy Kaplan (BRI)
  • Ashely Bressingham (WHI)
  • Marie Pierre (OSS)
  • Mallory Marinaro (OSS)
  • Sarah Prosser (RYE)
  • Tara Ferretti (SOM)
  • Suzy Zavarella (OSS)
  • Debra Fletcher (OSS)

Contact the Board with any questions about anything BOB-related: BOB.westchester@gmail.com

What can I do to help? 
What is expected of a Battle of the Books volunteer?

  • Question Writing – Volunteers are needed to write questions for the 2020 Battle based on the selected books. Does not require regular meeting attendance or having a BOB team. (Please note, coaches cannot write questions for the age group that their own team is in. For example, if I have a Gr. 4 – 7 team and have no involvement with a 6 – 12 team, I can write questions for 6 – 12, but not for 4 – 7).
  • Volunteer on Battle Day – We need tons of volunteers on the big day from emcees to runners and more! We accept teen and adult volunteers. Need community service? This is a great opportunity!
  • Refreshments – Bring refreshments (snacks, drinks, etc.) to be shared with participants and volunteers on Battle day.
  • Donate! – The BOB accepts both monetary and in-kind gifts (refreshments, publisher book donations, prizes for participants, etc.) as donations.

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Contact us: BOB.Westchester@gmail.com

For previous years, check out the Battle of the Books Archive.

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