Mini Grants

Information on WLS Mini Grants:

The Creative Aging Toolkit

Creative Aging Toolkit: For information related to doing art making programs for adults, but you may find some good ideas and best practices on how to do active learning programs in the library for any age group. Check out the Lifetime Arts website for local teaching artists – many also work with teens and children. The ToolKit also includes how to assess needs/ evaluate success and other important tips that are relevant for ANY active learning program.

About The Digital Arts Experience

About the Digital Arts Experience:  Many libraries have used the DAE staff for their Youth STEM projects.  Rob Kissner welcomes inquiry and will work with  you to design a program that best meets your needs.  The DAE Express van is awesome.  Feedback  has been nothing but raves!

Kate Perri Workshops

Kate Perri Workshops: Kate has worked with many WLS libraries to conduct youth centered sewing projects with rave reviews.  She also works with adults.  This is a sampling of workshop ideas.  Kate is in high demand, she also has her own business where she conducts workshops and classes for children and adults.

UofF and Library Makerspace

Brochure UofF: – This brochure highlights the University of Fashion website and tools, how you can promote its use in the library and how to use it as a base for active learning workshops.

Lesson List- Westchester Fashion Makerspace 2016 

Lesson List:  Some great workshop ideas with strong learning outcomes created by the University of Fashion.  UofF instructors, many of them currently teaching at FIT or Parsons are available to conduct workshops at the library.

Other Hints for Developing Workshops: 

  • Talk to a variety of instructors to explore program possibilities that best fits the needs of your community.
  • Think about projects that will encourage new patrons.
  • Use your colleague as a resource – talk to libraries that have had a mini-grant to find out what worked, what didn’t work, etc.
  • Be sure to include some type of survey/ evaluation to measure success and patron satisfaction.
  • Check the Artswestchester website for teaching artists working with school age children.

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