YS Advisory Group

In brief, the work of the YS Advisory Group is to

  1. Identify, develop and implement an annual schedule of YS meeting topics based on (a) a periodic system-wide survey of youth services needs and interest and (2) the experience and perspective of the advisory group.  The OCC Director will sign-off on the program, with the aim of securing alignment with WLS resources and goals.
  2. Execute the proposed schedule of YS programs, tapping colleagues for meeting leadership and facilitation, and outside expertise as appropriate, including collaboration with professional groups, such as WLA, school library systems, and METRO.
  3. Advise the WLS Outreach Director on opportunities for services among Outreach-targeted populations and the feasibility and requirements for implementation of relevant grant-funded initiatives.

The YS Advisory Group Charter is here.

Feedback from the YS community is welcome.    What’s your idea?  What do you think is needed to enhanced YS services county-wide?  Want to have the group discuss a specific topic or join a call?  Please reach out to one of the YS Advisory Group members.

  • Joshua Carlson (WHI) – jcarlson@whiteplainslibrary.org
  • Austin Olney (WHI) – aolney@whiteplainsny.gov
  • Suzy Zavarella (OSS) – suzyzav@wlsmail.org
  • Kim Larsen (LAR) –  klarsen@wlsmail.org 
  • Marie Pierre (MAM) – mpierre@wlsmail.org 

Interested in joining the Youth Services Advisory Group?  Contact a current member.