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Tutor Training Powerpoint Presentation (and more)

WLS hosted a training for new tutors on November 11th, with a special focus on using the resources on Here is a copy of the presentation in PowerPoint. You will see some new resources in the Powerpoint, including a … Continue reading

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The Complete Version of Nichole’s Essay Tips (from Nichole)

When working with a writing-challenged student on an essay: 1. Discuss the topic. Ask the student to explore out loud what the essay question means – what the question is asking. Jot down some notes while the student is talking … Continue reading

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Writing the Essay – First steps

Nichole Gray shared this technique at the last training workshop: 1) Pose a simple question to the student, for example What is Your Favorite Color. 2) You, the tutor, will write the response on a piece of paper – for … Continue reading

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