Resources from Shellie Zeitland

After the training on October 13, Shellie shared several resources; Jeannie Jee followed with some others.  They are posted below.

  1. Starting Over by Joan Knight: It’s a combined teaching manual and student textbook for reading,writing, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting.  (Shellie will bring her copy to the next training)
  2. Applying Research in Reading For Adults; First Steps for Teachers by Susan McShane.
  3. Other resources:  National Center for Learning Disabilities (adult-focused content) and  LD Online (link to adult-focused content)

Programs focused on children with LD, but fromwhich Shellie has drawn some examples for working with adults:  Lindamood-Bell -has 3 different programs:  a) Auditory Discrimnation in Depth (ADD) develops phonemic awareness and its application to reading and spelling, b) Visualizing and Verbalizing develops comprehension and thinking, c) Math-uses manipulatives, imagery, and language to develop underlying math concepts for reasoning and problem solving with numbers from counting through decimals.  Barbara Wilson Reading System.






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