This information was shared via email 1/10/2013

Below is a a roster of GED program developments and events over the next three months.  For more information on any of these items, feel free to contact me or Robin.

  • NEW SESSIONS:  The Yonkers Friday session has been moved from Pathways in Yonkers to the Yonkers Riverfront Library.  A new, second session, in Mount Kisco – complete with childcare – opens on Monday, 1/28.  (The updated flyer for all sessions is available on the WLS web site and has been distributed to all libraries.
  • NEW TRAININGS:  Two trainings are being set-up for new tutors (8 in all). If you are not a new tutor but game for a refresher on our approach and resources, contact Robin.
  • WORK TO REFINE WHAT WE DO:  Educational evaluator Laura Jeffers will work with us over the next three months to help define our current model of service and explore program effectiveness and measures of success. (Some of you may remember that she worked with us last year to assess client satisfaction.)  We’ll use this information to strengthen tutor training and supports, enhance teaching resources, and plan for the future.  The starting point is YOU.  Laura will be contacting about a dozen tutors to schedule interviews.  Ideally, these would be conducted next week. I told her to expect a high level of candor <g>; she said I should note that all interviews are anonymous – any quotes will only be attributed if you give her permission to do so. The follow-up to the interviews will be a group meeting scheduled in February.  Invite to follow.

One more thing!  A reporter from the Journal News has conducted interviews and will be taking some pictures of our sites in operation in Mount Kisco and Yonkers.  He’s been moving expeditiously, so maybe well see this coverage next week.  He said he’s including a call-out about the value of getting the GED test done in 2013.


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