Tutor Manual

Table of Contents 

1. What is TASC Connect! and how does it support students?

2. What is the TASC Test?

3. Who are our students?

  • Diversity of Students
  • Literacy Level of Students

4. Student assessment tool: TABE Online Survey

  • TABE Online Survey assessment

5. Resources to support students (online and print)

  • Firstfind.org – especially the Skills Review sections
  • Learning Express Library
  • McGraw Hill
  • Khan Academy
  • Tutor Wiki
  • Kaplan/McGraw Hill TASC Preparation

6. The role of the tutor – Connecting with your student(s)

  • The TASC Connect! Tutoring Experience and Strategies
  • Tutor Tips
  • Working One-to-One

7.  Ready for the test?

  • Confirming Readiness for the Test
  • Helping Students Register for the Test
  • Test-Taking Tips
  • Math Formula Sheet
  • Using the Grid or Bubble Answer Sheet Format
  • Application and Registration Process
  • TASC Test Schedule
  • TASC Application

8. Working with Spanish speakers