Yonkers Office for the Aging

 Adult Daycare Resources – Locations and phone number of adult daycare resources in Yonkers.

Nutrition Centers in Yonkers – Location, hours and phone numbers of nutrition centers servicing Yonkers.

Senior Housing Sites in Yonkers – Locations of housing sites & their phone numbers

Transportation Services in Yonkers – Locations and phone number of transportation services within Yonkers city limits.

Yonkers Office for the Aging – The department provides a comprehensive array of community support services. Residents 60 years of age and over, their families, and others concerned about older friends and neighbors are urged to reach out to the Office for the Aging for information, advice, and expert hands-on assistance with the demands and activities of an older person’s daily life at home and in the community. There is no fee for any Office for the Aging service. Voluntary contributions are suggested for meals and transportation. Programs are funded by the City of Yonkers and federal and state grants through NYS and Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services.